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About Covenant

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The Covenant Mission

To collaborate with healthcare providers and caregivers, aid in the advancement of patient care, patient safety, caregiver safety, and partner with our customers, empowering them to provide affordable healthcare for our local communities. 

Our Commitment and Philosophy

Covenant Healthcare Equipment & Consulting strives to bring “best in class” products and services to you, the customer. Our commitment to patient care, staff safety, innovation, and technology makes us an optimal partner for your organization. It is our philosophy that maintaining a network of highly innovative patient and caregiver-centric strategic partners, ultimately empowers us to bring the latest technologies to our caregivers.


Our team is dedicated to working with your organization in a collaborative effort to find the best solutions and products for your patients and staff. We are passionate, knowledgeable, and prepared to help your organization reach its immediate and long term strategic objectives.


Social Responsibility

Covenant is committed to supporting our local, domestic, and international communities. We strive to do good works and invest in organizations such as:

  • Child Fund International

  • Operation Smile

  • Feed the Children

  • Wounded Warrior Project

  • St. Jude

  • Open Arms

  • Teen Challenge

  • World Vision

We are committed to eradicating hunger, homelessness, as well as investing in organizations that bring healthcare to those who need it, both domestically and internationally. We will continue to support and offer special programs that allow our customers to join our efforts in doing good works, that allow us to bless our communities, country and world.

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