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An Air-Matt Transfer Mattress moves a patient on a soft nylon air mattress inflated with low pressure, high volume air. Holes in the underside allow air to escape. The escaping air acts as a lubricant, reducing friction, making movement of the mattress and the patient effortless.

Single Patient Use (SPU) Disposable Transfer Mattress

  • Designed to be cleaned for reuse with the same patient.

  • Comes in 78" Length (Width: 28", 34", 39" or 50") and 48" Length (Width: 34', 39")

Reusable Transfer Mattress

  • Designed for continuous duty use and may be heavily cleaned or laundered as required.

  • Comes in 78" Length (Width: 28", 34", 39" and 50")

Disposable Covers

  • White soft flat sheet with a top absorbent layer that wicks 1.6l of fluid away from surface and a waterproof underside.

  • Sold in Box of 50. Comes in 79" Length (Width 61")


To operate your Transfer Mattress you will need a compatible Air Supply. Air-Matt transfer mattresses are compatible with all major manufacturers including Hovermatt ®, Arjo-Huntleigh ™, Stryker ®, EZ Way ®, Air Movement Technologies, Inc and Airpal ®.

Air-Matt silo.png
Air-Matt Mattresses that assist with patient lateral transfer and repositioning are X-Ray and MRI Compatible

Disposable and Reusable Air-Assisted Mattresses in a variety of sizes, air supplies and accessories.

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Pictured (l to r) Reusable Transfer Mattress; Disposable Transfer Mattress; Disposable Cover
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