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Dan ​Allen, best known as the inventor of the Allen Stirrup,  is a respected pioneer and product designer of patient positioning and pressure management devices that continue to be used every day in operating rooms around the globe. Through his current company, DA Surgical, Dan has successfully established TrendGuard and ArmGuard as two "must have" products for patient positioning to improve patient safety and procedural efficiency while reducing costs.

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For clinical education and Informational materials on this subject visit Covenant's Clinical Education page


TrenGuard™ Trendelenburg Restraint

Trend Silo.png

The only no-slide Trendelenburg restraint

TrenGuard™ is the most effective and efficient Trendelenburg patient positioning system on the market

  • Eliminates patient sliding in Trendelenburg during laparoscopic, open and robotic procedures
  • ​Virtually eliminates the risk of neuropathy
  • Secures patients up to 550 lbs in 40 degrees of Trendelenburg
  • Total positioning time is < 2.5 minutes

TrenGuard technology has been used in over 300,000 procedures without a single report of post-operative patient discomfort or injury.

Trend 3.jpg
Trend 2.png
Trendguard Assembled.png
Trend Dynamic Frame IFU.jpg
Trendguard 600 and 600 support wedge.png
(Left to Right) TrenGuard; TrenGuard side view; TrenGuard assembled; TrenGuard Dynamic Frame; TrenGuard 600 Support Wedge 

TrenGuard™ Overview Video:

  • Identifying Components 0:20

  • Set-Up 01:14

  • Completing Set-up After Intubation 02:45

  • TrenGuard In Motion 04:06


ArmGuard™ Patient Arm Protector

DSC_2931 Rail-Mount with Pads

ArmGuard™ provides the easiest and most practical solution for safely restraining arms at the patient's side 

  • Reduces the potential for OR acquired pressure and nerve injuries

  • Increases clinician efficiency 

  • Exclusive Quick Release fastener provides anesthesia with easy and immediate access 

  • Adjusts to all arm lengths.

  • Low frame profile is comfortable for the ​bedside assistant and does not clash with robotic arms.

ArmGuard conforms to AORN Guidelines that advise against tucking arms with draw sheets.

Pads (A) attach to rail-mounted (B)

or toboggan-style sleds. 

RailMounted ArmGuard 1.jpg
ArmGuard Sled.jpg
RailMounted ArmGuard2.jpg
ArmGuard Rail-Mounted.jpg

ArmGuard provides immediate access to ports and lines, plus quick and easy access to the entire

length of the arm

ArmGuard™ Overview Video:

  • Identifying Components 00:17

  • Set-Up 00:47

  • ArmGuard In Motion 01:57


PatientGuard™ Surgical Stirrups and PediStirrup

PediStirrup in OR.jpg

The first generational and ergonomic innovation in stirrup technology in the last two decades 

  • Axial rotation of up to 10 degrees at handgrip

  • Flexible boot compensates for larger legs

  • Boots are available with or without fins

  • Enclosed knuckle eliminates pinch points where stirrup clamps onto accessory rail

  • Anti-microbial boot liners feature reinforced hinges to extend product life

  • -9 degrees adduction to +25 degrees abduction

  • Stirrup adjusts to lower position for ease of docking

  • Shorter support rods for easier control and draping

Exclusive axial rotation from the handle improves patient positioning

The latest in Pediatric Lithotomy Positioning

The PediStirrup (shown, left) is the solution for pediatric laparoscopy and other pediatric procedures requiring lithotomy positioning, especially where intra-operative re-positioning may be required.

  • ​Five boot sizes for newborns to children up to 55" tall.

  • ​Easy and secure adjustment in horizontal, vertical, and longitudinal directions. 

  • Quick fix and release boot exchange mechanism.

  • Soft, ergonomic fixation straps to minimize pressure on the calf.

PatientGuard 400.jpg
PatientGuard 600.jpg
PatientGuard 800.jpg
pedistirrup02_485_322_90 silo on BG.png
Left to Right: PatientGuard 400; PatientGuard 600; PatientGuard 800; PediStirrup Pediatric Stirrup
Storage Dolly.jpg
Wall Rack.jpg
Rail width extender.jpg
SnapLock Clamps.jpg
Left to Right: PatientGuard Stirrup Storage Dolly; PatientGuard Stirrup Wall Rack; PatientGuard Stirrup Rail Width Extender; SnapLock Clamps
Replacement Boot Pads.jpg
Replacement Boot Pads

FaceGuard™ Table-Mounted Patient Face Shield and Instrument Tray

FaceGuard 0e26a9b5d36eddcd85bfc35e1456b6

FaceGuard ensures patient protection while providing a convenient surface of surgical instruments

  • Convenient instrument access during Laparoscopy and Robotic assisted procedures

  • Width-adjustable to fit all tables

  • Provides full view of the patient and access to breathing apparatus

  • Tray can be quickly removed to give anesthesia full access to the patient

Five positions for precise location of  convenient instrument tray.

FG6 Flat.jpg
FaceGuard provides full view of the patient and access to breathing apparatus. Flat instrument tray available for use in orthopedics and cardiac procedures.

ShroudGuard™ OR Table Pedestal Protector

Shroud Silo CU.png

Prevents Damage to OFR Table Shrouds

  • ShroudGuard™ protects your OR table pedestal from damage caused by equipment on the table

  • Mounts securely to any OR table, and does not require Velcro® or modifications to your equipment.

  • Fabricated from powder coated 3003 aluminum.

  • Removes easily for cleaning

Available for most table models and Custom work is available to meet specific needs.

Damage when equipment is left on the table base (l); ShroudGuard fits most tables and prevents table damage (c and r)
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