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Articulation in Your Hands

ArtiSential™ revolutionizes traditional laparoscopy by introducing the dexterity of a robotic system to a laparoscopic instrument.


The Artisential ® Articulated Laparoscopic

Forceps: A Dry Lab Study to Examine Dexterity and Learning Effects in Operators of Different Levels of Laparoscopic Experience

Multi-DOF (Degree of Freedom) Articulati

Multi-DOF (Degree of Freedom) Articulating Laparoscopic Instrument is an Effective Device in Performing Challenging Sutures

Surgeon-Powered Robotics in Thoracic Sur

Surgeon-Powered Robotics in Thoracic Surgery; An Era of Surgical Innovation and Its Benefits for the Patient and Beyond

Laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy perf

Laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy performed with ArtiSential®: a video vignette

Laparoscopic extended right hemicolectom

Laparoscopic extended right hemicolectomy with D3 lymph node dissection using a new articulating instrument

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