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SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC. has been manufacturing operating room tables for nearly 100 years. The Schaerer name is known throughout the world for quality and durability. They make ergonomically efficient tables designed to provide maximum access for surgeons and provide optimal patient care.

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Arcus 601 Nephrology Positioning

Medical products and solutions for all surgical applications - Made exclusively in Switzerland and the USA

ARCUS 501 / 601

Arcus_Position_812 - 501.jpg
ar_601_pos_nephrectomy - 601.jpg

The schaerer® arcus is the latest innovation from SCHAERER MEDICAL USA, INC. Featuring the famous Schaerer offset cantilevered base for maximum imaging access, the arcus is designed for general surgery as well as specialty use. The arcus is extremely easy to use and can support a static patient weight up to 1100 lbs and a dynamic patient weight up to 800 lbs. Like all of our products, patient safety and operating convenience are of primary importance.

Arcus 501 601

Chick LP


The Ultimate Design for Orthopedic Surgery

The CHICK® LP by Schaerer Table is the answer to many of the imaging problems facing orthopedic surgeons in the operating room. The CHICK® LP by Schaerer is made with a radiolucent carbon fiber composite top that eliminates metallic structures. As a result, surgical procedures are more timely and accurate.

Chick LP

Rotextable by Condor


Turn any table into a DAA Table

The RotexTable by Condor provides the latest in DAA technology- A motorized leg postioning system that enables the surgeon to fully control positioning of the operative leg without an assistant.


Schaerer Axis 350

ax_350_standard Axis 350.jpg

The new schaerer® axis 350 is combining Swiss precision with longevity which leads to cost effi ciency. Through its unique design, the operating table offers high versatility for all surgical applications. The schaerer® axis 350 is an electro-hydraulic operating table with two different available columns, sliding top, motorized joint and Wireless Hand Control (optional).

Axis 350

Schaerer 7300


The schaerer® 7300 base table can be easily converted to various specialties by simply adding accessory packages. Perfect for Urology, Orthopedics, ENT, Spine, Vascular Surgery, and Pain Management.

  • ENT, Head & Neck

  • Neurosurgery & Spine

  • Orthopedic Surgery

  • Pain Management

  • Urology

  • Vascular


Stille Image IQ2


Stille Image IQ2


Lower the radiation dose significantly during image intense diagnosis and treatment!

The only “true free float”* and “virtual axis imaging”** table surface for easy and accurate patient positioning.


Its extended movability helps reducing the radiation dose for patients.


Repositioning the c-arm instead of the patient leads to a faster processing and less corrective shots.

-> on a low radiation carbon fibre table top (0.4 AL).

Best results also for soft tissue imaging.


*“true free float”: fast, pressure air assisted and accurate positioning leads to less corrective shots and speeds up the process, reducing the amount of radiation applied.


**“virtual axis imaging”: the distance from imaging area to emitter and camera of a C-arm remains the same even during tilting movements.


The STILLE Medstone surgical imaging tables contribute to enhancing efficiency in the OR.

Representing value priced solutions with quality and reliability.

Stille Medstone



90506_ohneTisch - Accessories.jpg

Schaerer Medical USA, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of accessories, which optimally complement the functionality of the operating tables and thus provides concepts and solutions for all surgical fields of application.

Their accessories program offers expansion systems and attachable components right up to innovative extension attachments and special products for gentle on the patient applications and optimum operating convenience in case of all relevant working sequences in clinical operation.

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