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Our Customers Ask, We Respond 

As a concierge service, we have responded to our customer’s requests and

are focused on meeting those specific needs, which they have confirmed as:

In addition we see high demand for other solutions that will position hospitals to meet tomorrow's changes, including OR Integration and OR Workflow Solutions.

Of course, Service and maximizing the uptime of every solution is always vital to your mission

For our solutions overview continue reading below.

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Positioning Solutions

Optimal Patient Positioning and Safe Patient Handling

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On a daily basis, Covenant sees the benefits of optimal patient positioning and safe patient handling. In addition to patient safety, patient positioning benefits include surgical site access, procedure efficiency that reduces staff stress, post-surgical comfort and shortened recovery times. Safe Patient Handling reduces the risk of injury to patient and staff alike. In looking for Best-in-class providers to assist our partner hospitals we continually search for companies that not only understand the benefits we are looking to provide, but who themselves are striving to deliver the next innovation our hospitals need.


Meeting Your Staff and Patient Protection Needs 

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The right Personal Protection Equipment protects your staff, as well as your patients from cross contamination. Covenant listened to its customers with regard to their current and ongoing needs. We then carefully vetted the products on the market to bring you only those that meet our standards for quality and effectiveness. The resulting Exam Gloves, N95 Masks, L3 Surgical Masks, Syringes, Gowns, Bouffants, Caps, Hoods, Shoe & Boot Covers make up a line that we are proud to put our name on.    

Infection Prevention Means Covering all the Bases


Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs) and Surgical Site Infections, unfortunately continue to be a growing source of concern with patient and staff at risk and penaties hitting the hospital's bottom line. From the measles to MDRO's, Covenant understands that for you to make headway in this battle all the bases must be covered: from hand hygiene compliance, surface and room disinfection, air systems and mobile devices. Taking our consultative approach we can provide the solutions you need to address specific areas or spearhead an all-encompassing solution.

IP Solution

Robotics & MIS: From Planning to Training, Covenant Provides a Full Range of Services to Establish or Enhance Your Program


In 2017 alone 693,000 robotic-assisted procedures were performed in the US. Minimally Invasive Surgeries (MIS) accounted for approximately 86% of the total robotic surgeries that same year. Covenant has been at the forefront of this growing segment since the beginning, helping its customers establish or optimize their robotic services. Identified as the key "go-to" company for a number of hospital groups, Covenant understands that garnering all the benefits of Robotic and MIS procedures goes beyond room design and equipment selection: Initial and ongoing staff training is key. Therefore we focus on providing you with a full range of Robotic and MIS support services through project planning, equipment consulting, hands-on training and recommended best-in-class providers whose services we facilitate.

MIS Robotic solution

Integrating the OR for Efficiency and Better Outcomes


One thing that our team members have learned in the OR is that the key to OR integration is simplicity. If control of equipment and uses of data provided is not highly accessible the goal of integration - to streamline processes and improve efficiency for better outcomes - has been lost. It is this experience we bring to our hospital-partners to allow them to work with our identified solutions providers in OR integration with confidence that our mutual goal - better outcomes - can be achieved. 

OR Integration Solution

Improving OR Workflows

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What have our hospital partners experienced working with Covenant to improve OR Workflows? Simply put, they experience the patient and staff benefits that come with efficiency.


  • Procedures in which the staff can focus on the  patient rather than managing cumbersome or under-performing equipment

  • Surgeries completed on or ahead of schedule

  • Surgical teams not impaired by extended hours

  • The ability to perform additional procedures within the workday

Our experience in room design recommendations, equipment selection including tables, lights and pendents, staff training and vendor management are essential to improving your OR Workflow.​

Workflow Solutions

Covenant Service: Focus on Maximizing Your Uptime

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We understand that equipment uptime is critical to our customer’s ability to provide quality patient care. Covenant has more than 2 decades of experience in servicing of capital medical equipment.  We pride ourselves on providing industry leading service. Our customers know and trust that we respond to service calls in a timely manner, troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly, and provide consistent high quality service. We provide a full array of project and support services to meet your facility’s equipment needs today and in the future.

Service Solutions
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