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Our experienced, knowledgeable team is committed to guiding you through discovery, planning, selection and implementation in the most personal, efficient and flexible way possible.

Following Implementation your Service solutions, developed during the planning phase, begin protecting not only your investment but your daily workflow and focus on patient care.

Our vision is to remain dynamic and responsive to market changes without the restrictions and delays typically associated with our competition.


You have identified your own general and specific needs. During Discovery we'll listen and learn. We'll also bring to the table solutions that have worked at other facilities. Through this back-and-forth process we can confirm your initial thoughts, but often introduce new ideas that can lead to greater efficiency, improve patient outcomes and better position your hospital to evolve in response to tomorrow's needs. Listening and talking - exploring - is the best path to Discovery!


Project Planning

Our Project Services team works closely with design & construction, clinical engineering, purchasing, and your facilities team from project kick-off to completion. Whether your project is new construction, renovation, or an expansion, we provide all drawings, submittals, specification sheets, pre-installation guidance, on-site preparation, and installation services. Our experienced, efficient, service team will help you meet all requirements on time and within budget.


Equipment Planning

Matching your needs, uncovered in the Discovery phase, with your evolving Project Plan, we look at the specific equipment and combinations of solutions that will help you achieve your goals. We'll bring you solutions from proven Best-in-Class providers as well as those from new providers that we vet on an ongoing basis. We'll then coordinate all aspects of price negotiation, acquisition, delivery and support



Implementation. It's goes well beyond installation. Testing of individual components; successful integration into new an existing systems and protocols; initial and ongoing staff education and after-launch evaluations are all part of a successful implementation. Covenant's team members  will be guiding this process every step of the way! 




We understand that equipment uptime is critical to our customer’s ability to provide quality patient care. Covenant Healthcare Equipment & Consulting has over 19 years of experience in the servicing of capital medical equipment.  We pride ourselves on providing industry leading service. Our customers know and trust that we respond to service calls in a timely manner, troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly, and provide consistent high quality service. We provide a full array of project and support services to meet your facility’s equipment needs today and in the future.

From initial discovery through your rooms going live and ensuring maximum uptime thereafter, Covenant is your optimal partner
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