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ArtiSential® revolutionizes traditional laparoscopy by introducing
the dexterity of a robotic system to a laparoscopic instrument

The ArtiSential™ Advantage
ArtiSential® instruments feature a double-jointed end effector and an ergonomic grip that facilitates wristed movements to provide 7 degrees of freedom.

These capabilities are incorporated into a low-cost, fully mechanical instrument, enabling surgeons with the same advantages as robotic platforms, while also providing tactile feedback.


Tactile Feedback

ArtiSential® provides advantages of articulating instruments without losing tactile feedback, which is essential for applying precise force on delicate tissue.

7 Degrees of Freedom: Flexible Access

ArtiSential®'s double-jointed end effector allows various angles of approach with 7 degrees of freedom. This enables greater access to a variety of anatomical structures.

Eliminate Block Time

Any OR, anytime. We eliminate the need for scheduled block time for specific equipment. Our product line can be used in the existing surgical environment without any additional device, capital system, or footprint. ArtiSential® leads to immediate capabilities.

Multi-Joint End Effector

The end effector is made with two joints to allow for simple to complex horizontal and vertical movements that seamlessly synchronize with the surgeon’s hand motions.

Articulating Instruments for General, Bariatric, Colorectal, Liver, Urological, Gynecologic, and Thoracic Surgery

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