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Vital Components Supporting

Robotic and MIS Procedures 

As an active partner in the growing Robotic and MIS segment since it's earliest stages, Covenant recognizes the important of each supporting technology that allows these procedures to be completed efficiently and safely. We also recognize that as an evolving field there are significant opportunities for new technologies to further enhance the services our partner hospitals offer. True to our commitment to serve as a vendor agnostic, vetting partner we continue to look for game-changing solutions as well as technologies that offer progressive improvement.

The companies show below are those Best-in-Class vendors who currently provide Robotic and MIS related solutions that meet our criteria for recommendation. As we uncover new technological innovations we will bring them to you to support your efforts and help you achieve the best possible patient outcomes.


OR Integration and MIS

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Patient Positioning and MIS

Surgeon Powered Robotics



Patient Transfer

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